Protect your workforce and maintain compliance

Do you want to be able to handle difficult and unexpected conflict situations as effectively as possible? Our charity sector training courses are designed to enable you to do just that.

We’ve been providing expert conflict resolution training and associated courses for charity staff and managers for more than 20 years. 

Our charity training courses are for you if you: 

  • Manage or work for a charity
  • Are looking for effective conflict resolution and challenging behaviour training for your staff (entry level or top-up training) to improve safety and reduce risk
  • Want to reduce or eliminate restraint and minimise the need for physical intervention to keep both your staff and service users safe
  • Want training that will help your staff work as a team when managing conflict
  • Need to meet your legal obligations and regulatory requirements

Courses for people who work in the Charity Sector:

Take part in our training and learn how to:

  • Communicate with customers with acute, mental health or learning disabilities
  • Manage challenging behaviour from members of the public
  • Manage difficult behaviour from clients of all ages, including children and/or their carers/guardians
  • Defuse aggressive and violent behaviour in person and over the telephone
  • Apply physical intervention and physical restraint as a last resort

For more details about how our competitively-priced range of charity training courses or bespoke training sessions can help you protect your workforce and meet your legal obligations, contact us today.