Improve personal safety and service levels and maintain compliance

When you work with members of the public, aggressive and challenging behaviour can happen at any time. Do you know how to deal with these situations swiftly and manage and reduce risk?

Whether you work within a large team or alone on a front desk, our range of council training courses are designed to help you handle difficult and unexpected conflict situations.

We’ve been providing local authority conflict management training, and other associated courses, since 1996. Our clients include Kirklees Council, Hartlepool Council, Durham Council and Chesterfield Council.

Our courses are for you if:

  • You manage a council or local authority service of any kind
  • You’re looking for effective conflict resolution training for your staff to improve personal safety, reduce risk and improve service levels
  • You want your staff who come into direct contact with the public, in person or over the telephone, to have the knowledge and confidence to communicate effectively and defuse challenging behaviour, keeping themselves and your clients safe
  • You need to commission role-specific safety training
  • You want to minimise the need for physical intervention
  • You want conflict management and personal safety training for teams, as well as lone worker training
  • You need to create a risk strategy for workplace violence and meet your legal obligations and regulatory requirements

Our courses for council workers:

Take part in our training and learn how to:

  • Communicate with clients with acute, mental health or learning disabilities
  • Manage challenging behaviour from members of the public
  • Manage difficult behaviour from clients of all ages, including children and/or their carers/guardians
  • Defuse aggressive and violent behaviour in person and over the telephone
  • Apply physical intervention and physical restraint as a last resort

For more details about how our competitively-priced range of council training courses or bespoke training sessions can help you manage conflict in your workplace and improve service levels, contact us today.