Dealing with Conflict on the Telephone

Dealing with Conflict on the Telephone

Dealing with Conflict on the Telephone Training at your venue anywhere in the UK

Who’s it aimed at?

All employees who have to deal with angry and aggressive  customers or service users on the telephone.

Entry requirements


Course objectives

During this four-hour course delegates will learn:

  • What constitutes a difficult, challenging or abusive and aggressive telephone call
  • The difference between ‘common sense’ and ‘common practice’
  • What is rapport and why it is key to handling difficult calls
  • How to build rapport on the telephone
  • The difference between ‘aggression’ and ‘assertiveness’
  • How to use a pattern interruption on the telephone
  • Why people tend to be defensive on the telephone
  • Which mindset work best on the telephone
  • About handling sensitive situations with skill and diplomacy
  • How to cope with emotions – their own, as well as other people’s emotions
  • How to handle calls with confidence when dealing with challenging situations
  • To problem solve on the telephone
  • How to recognise the caller’s personality type
  • To adapt their natural style to match the caller and gain more rapport
  • What their natural telephone personality type is

After completing this course, all delegates will receive a Certificate in Conflict on the Telephone training, certified by Good Sense Training.