Protect your staff and passengers from disruptive behavior

Disruptive passengers can pose a significant safety hazard to transport workers, as well as other travelers. Do you know how to manage and reduce this risk as effectively as possible?

We’ve been providing expert conflict resolution training and associated courses for passenger transport and travel companies since 1996.

Our travel and transport training courses are for you if you:

  • Manage a taxi, bus, coach, rail or air transport service and are looking for effective conflict resolution training for your staff
  • Want to learn responsible passenger restraint techniques and reduce the need for physical intervention to keep you and your passengers safe
  • Want training that will help your staff work as a team when managing serious incidents, such as air rage
  • Need to meet your legal obligations

Courses for the travel and transport sector:

Take part in our training and learn how to:

  • Communicate with members of the public with mental health or learning disabilities
  • Manage challenging behaviour from people of all ages, including children
  • Defuse aggressive, violent and disruptive behaviour from passengers
  • Apply physical intervention and restraining passengers as a last resort

For more details about how our competitively-priced range of transport and travel training courses or bespoke training sessions can help you manage and reduce the risk of disruptive passenger behaviour, contact us today.