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Industry Leading Approach = Exceptional Results

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Industry-leading approach = exceptional results

Our approach is what sets us apart from other trainers within the industry. We don’t just simply provide generic conflict management or physical intervention training that’s based on a one-size-fits-all approach, we place our clients at the heart of everything we do.

Providing you with exceptional quality training is incredibly important to us – we pride ourselves on our consistently high customer satisfaction levels and work hard to ensure they stay that way. Rather than teach you theory from a text book, we use techniques that have been pressure-tested in real life.

Our Team approach

Our team is made up of highly-experienced trainers, who are from a wide range of different sectors and use a variety of different training approaches. As a result, we:


Take the time to understand your specific needs


Adapt our courses to incorporate your preferred delivery style and meet your requirements


Pair you with the right trainer (based on both your individual and group learning needs)

You’ll also find that, unlike other training providers, we approach the safety of staff from a holistic viewpoint. So, instead of looking at conflict resolution and physical intervention (when required) in isolation, our training encompasses the bigger picture, which includes looking at things from a legal perspective too.

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