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GoodSense Conflict Resolution Training

GoodSense Conflict Resolution Training helps you to make sure your staff remain safe at work and have the confidence, skill and understanding to prevent and manage difficult situations.


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Mandatory Training


Bespoke Training

Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Training Courses.

Breakaway and Self Defence Training

Breakaway and Self Defence Training Courses.

Physical Intervention Training

Physical Intervention and Positive Handling Training Courses.

Security Industry Authority Training

Security Industry Authority License Training Courses.

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Our clients include organisations from a wide range of industries, from the NHS, council, education, care, retail and hospitality sectors, to the world of charity, travel and transport and door security.


If you work in an ambulance service you know that the crew’s ability to defuse and manage conflict is as vital as their medical ability.

Door Security

Anyone working in the UK security industry must have training and Security Industry Authority (SIA) accredited qualification.


If you work in or manage a school, college, university or another educational setting, the ability to defuse and manage conflict and challenging behaviour is vital.


When you work with the general public, aggressive and challenging behaviour can occur at any time.


Care Homes

If you work in or manage a care home you know that the ability to diffuse and manage conflict is vital.


If you work in the charity sector you know that anything can happen.


When you work with the general public, aggressive and challenging behaviour can occur at any time.


Disruptive passengers can pose a safety hazard to transport workers as well as other travellers.

The GoodSense Blog

Lack Of Tech Skills ‘Leads To Workplace Conflicts’

A recent survey found that nearly half of those asked believe technology has a negative impact on work-life balance.

Why You Should Take UK Self Defence Courses

There are all sorts of benefits to going on UK self-defence courses, whether it’s because you want to find a fun new way to get some exercise, want to do some teambuilding exercises in the workplace or to give you increased confidence in the face of a threat to you or your business.

Businesses Urged To Prioritise Conflict Management Training

The call has now been made to increase investment in training, providing managers with the tools they need to prevent and manage conflict at work

How To Combat The Winter Blues

Finding yourself back at work after the Christmas break can be disheartening, no matter how much you love your job. It’s cold, it’s dark, and everyone is feeling pretty miserable. It’s times like this when tempers can become fractured, and discussions become...

Have You Caught Up With Bouncers On Channel 5?

The Bouncers series follows security personnel around the country who step into situations that previously would most likely have been dealt with by police.

Why Christmas Leads To More Conflict At Work

There are several reasons why heated moments can occur even during this seemingly joyful festive season.

Physical Attacks On Stockton Teachers ‘On The Rise’

A report sent to the Stockton borough’s audit committee has revealed that attacks on teaching staff in the area climbed from seven to 30 compared to the same period in 2018

Retail Staff Face Abuse 21 Times A Year, Report Reveals

New research has revealed that the average shopworker is threatened, assaulted or verbally abused over 21 times each year.

Door security: What bouncers should know about and be able to do

Door security staff are renowned for being able to hold their own, prevent trouble and step in to break up fights. But there are limitations to the role. As with most professions, door work is governed by an industry body (in this case the Security Industry Authority,...

10 facts about conflict management training

Conflict management training is commonplace across a wide range of working environments and sectors. We’ve been delivering it to customers, ranging from teachers and ambulance staff, to door workers and council employees for more than two decades. But as much as the...


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients have to say about our market leading training.

“Some of the best training in the NHS”

Sam Francis

Enforcement Officer, Test Valley Borough Council

“GoodSense have been training our staff for three years now and the feedback we receive from staff has never been anything other than positive…”


Kirklees Council

“…Good Sense have also demonstrated their ability to offer bespoke training solutions on a number of occasions…”

David Guant

Leeds PCT

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