To get an idea of what life is like for door supervisors and bouncers, if you’re interested in a career of this kind, you might want to catch one of the latest documentaries that recently aired on Channel 5.

The Bouncers series follows security personnel around the country who step into situations that previously would most likely have been dealt with by police.

The first episode, for example, follows bouncers Marek and Greg who find themselves galvanised into action when two men decide they don’t want to leave a nightclub, later claiming that they were assaulted by other doormen before calling the police.

Other episodes see bouncers dealing with drunk people on nights out and offering assistance to those sleeping on the streets.

The show certainly is an interesting insight into the responsibilities being placed on bouncers and security staff at the moment, and it could prove an eye-opening watching indeed.

It could also inspire you to prioritise door supervisor training, whether you’re new to the profession or if you simply want to cement your skills. Remember that to work in this sector you must be Security Industry Authority accredited and it is a criminal offence to work in certain jobs without this qualification.

Here at GoodSense Training, we have a range of courses on offer, perfect if you want the qualifications to start a career in this sector, or if you want to upskill with some top-up training in order to renew your licence.

These courses will also benefit those looking to learn how to escort and disengage safely from those displaying aggressive behaviour. Get in touch with us to find out more.