There are all sorts of benefits to going on UK self-defence courses, whether it’s because you want to find a fun new way to get some exercise, want to do some teambuilding exercises in the workplace or to give you increased confidence in the face of a threat to you or your business.

In fact, getting a confidence boost is a very popular reason for learning some self-defence and there’s nothing quite like knowing that you’re able to look after yourself and protect yourself and others if you need to.

The world can be a big and scary place, and with constant reminders of doom and gloom in the news, it’s perhaps no surprise that some of you out there feel unprotected.

Your general health and wellbeing will improve as you learn, as well. This type of class will help to prepare you for all sorts of different situations that could arise, potentially resulting in physical harm to yourself.

When in a high pressure situation, such as someone charging at you looking to hurt you, you’ll feel an intense rush of adrenaline – and you’ll need to be physically fit enough to be able to take this hit of adrenaline and continue to be clear headed, capable of holding your own in a fight.

Another benefit of knowing how to defend yourself is that you’ll become more aware of your surroundings and what’s going on around you – wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

You could even take self-defence training as a way to get more exercise and nothing else. It really is great from a body conditioning point of view and will really get the blood pumping round your body, with your lungs working hard… if you’re looking for a fun new way to give yourself a cardio boost over the next few weeks, this could be the way to go about it.

It works your entire body as well and you’re sure to use muscles you didn’t even know you had – but soon you’ll find yourself feeling stronger, more flexible, more confident and a lot more energetic.

Training can also help to sharpen your mind, as well as your body, so you could find yourself thinking more clearly at work – and therefore being much more productive. Training can help you with decision-making, especially in fraught or dangerous situations, so you’re likely to find that you feel a lot more capable in the office, as well as out of it.

Those of you keen to move up the career ladder and take on a managerial role in the near future could find this kind of training of use, as well.

Knowing how to look at a problem objectively and get the measure of it quickly, as well as finding immediate solutions, means you’ll be able to handle whatever comes at you on your own… so you’ll find yourself taking the lead a lot more in the office… clearly an essential skill if you want to be considered management material in the future.