I haven’t shared any news on what we have been up to at GoodSense recently, so I thought it was time to share some with you now. I have been busy behind the scenes preparing for 2010 and all that it holds. To make sure we are fully compliant with latest practices all of our trainers are getting ready to take the latest Security Industry Authority (SIA) physical intervention training which becomes mandatory for trainers from June 2010.

We think this training will be a perfect fit with what we currently offer, as our style of conflict resolution training includes many safe methods of avoiding violent conflict. However, if a situation does turn violent and nasty we also teach our delegates (of our higher level courses three and four) ways to restrain people quickly and easily. This style of training is very popular with people working on the front line of our health service and we are hoping it will be popular with door supervision staff too.

The SIA describes this training on its website:

“We have developed a competency (skills) requirement as part of our licensing function. Individuals applying for an SIA licence must prove that they are properly qualified to do their job. If they don’t hold one of the SIA-endorsed qualifications then their licence application will be refused.

“We believe that this will result in a more competent and professional workforce. It will also improve the public image of the private security industry and make it more attractive to potential employees.”

Any training company that wants to educate adults after September 2010 has to have accredited course training which I think is a good thing. Our trainers are also currently going through their teacher training qualifications and are all booked onto BTEC level 3 Restraint and Breakaway Instructors Qualifying Courses. We need three accredited qualifications in order to be allowed to deliver the SIA door supervisor training ourselves, these qualifications are as follows:

  1. Teacher training qualification (Approved by awarding bodies)
  2. Conflict Management Qualification (we are doing 1886)
  3. Physical Interventions Qualification

These course are usually accredited by one of the following bodies: City & Guilds, Edexcel, BIIAB and the National Open College Network.

At present only one of our team has got all three of these qualifications but by the end of February 2010 all of our team will have them. We are currently training to an NVQ level 3 standard, so we will be able to train people up to a NVQ level 2 although I have plans to go even further with our development.

Part of the four-day door supervisors course will include a section on physical interventions. The advantage of our delegates going through this course is that all of our trainers have got a wealth of expertise with physical interventions and most importantly we have real life experience in the field. In other words we have the CV as well as the theory to back up our knowledge.

My honest opinion

Although this new training is both time consuming and costly for our business, I am sure it will be good thing in the long run. I can see a more long term view that all of our trainers will be properly accredited and any competitors that don’t have the relevant accreditation won’t be able to practice or teach anymore without these qualifications.

So in short 2010 is a very exciting time for the team at GoodSense as we move into a new area of Conflict Resolution Training.