Generally speaking, most people aren’t always keen to be different (especially when we’re children), they’d much rather blend in than draw attention to themselves.

And it’s absolutely fine to be that way.

But we’re not that way at GoodSense Training. For those of you who happen to know us or who have taken part in our conflict management or physical intervention training in the past, you’ll know that we pride ourselves on being different.


Being different is what makes us tick, makes us stand out from the crowd and, fundamentally, makes us who we are.

You see, when you take part in our training, whether you’re a teacher who’s keen to learn about how to deal with difficult pupils or a bus driver, who wants to be able to deal with challenging passengers as safely as possible, you’ll see that us being ‘different’ has an impact on you – a much bigger impact (for all of the right reasons).

Our outlook on and approach to conflict management and physical intervention training is different to the vast majority of other trainers. So, rather than providing you with off-the-shelf generic training, we put you at the heart of everything we do.


Bespoke training

You’ll also find that our team of trainers don’t just specialise in one particular sector or have set ways of delivering their training either. Yes, they have certain formats that they like to work to, but they have the knowledge and flexibility to tailor their training so that you walk away:

  1. Having learnt everything you wanted to learn about (and more, in most circumstances) and;
  2. Armed with highly effective, practical techniques you can start using right away.

The way we assign you with your trainer is also different too. Rather than just book you with whoever’s available, we pair you with the right trainer. We’re able to do this because, unlike other training providers, we take the time to find out about your individual and group learning needs at the very start, and then shape what we teach you around your objectives.


Holistic approach

We never look at conflict resolution and physical intervention training in isolation. Instead, we always take a holistic approach to staff safety and make sure that our training encompasses the bigger picture, such as looking at the legal side of things.

We’re proud to be different. And we’d like to say that it’s because we’re different that our training is so successful from both our perspective and the perspective of the countless people we’ve worked with over the years.

Are you ready to try our different approach? You won’t be disappointed by the results.


To find out more about our industry-leading conflict resolution and physical intervention training, contact us today on 0845 576 0035 or info@good-sense.co.uk.