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Convenience Store Training In Managing Difficult People

Conflict Resolution Training For Convenience Store Employees

Manage Difficult Customers | Defuse Aggression | Prevent Violent Behaviour

When you work with the general public, aggressive and challenging behaviour can occur at any time. Convenience store employees and lone workers can be subject to difficult behaviour, including verbal and physical attack, from customers as well as potential thieves. Armed robbery is not unknown. Effective training will give your employees the skills and confidence to deal with every eventuality. GoodSense delivers expert conflict resolution training and associated courses for betting shop staff, helping you to manage and reduce risk.

Our courses are for you if:

  • You own, manage or work in a convenience store;
  • You’re looking for effective conflict resolution training for your staff to improve personal safety, reduce the risk of violence and mitigate against theft;
  • You want your staff to have the knowledge and confidence to communicate effectively and defuse challenging behaviour, whilst keeping themselves and your customers safe;
  • You need to equip your employees with the skills to deal with alcohol-related aggression;
  • You want to learn the responsible use of physical restraint techniques;
  • You want conflict management and personal safety training for teams as well as lone worker training;
  • You need to create a risk strategy for work-place violence and meet your legal obligations and regulatory requirements.

Our nationwide convenience store training in managing difficult people
gives convenience store workers confidence and skill in dealing with the complex and varied situations their work often presents:

  • Managing challenging and aggressive behaviour from customers;
  • Dealing with inebriated customers;
  • Managing difficult behaviour from customers of all ages, including children and older people;
  • Asking potentially underage customers for ID when asked to sell tobacco or alcohol;
  • Defusing aggressive and violent behaviour, in person and over the telephone;
  • Managing theft and armed robbery scenarios;
  • The need for physical intervention and physical restraint.

You’ll be reassured to know that we’ve been providing convenience store training in managing difficult people since 1996.

Choose us for convenience store training in managing difficult people that’s highly flexible, good value and starts with a free consultation to determine what you need and how we can best help you manage conflict in your workplace. You can select from our extensive menu of courses for convenience stores above or ask us to develop bespoke training for your particular situation.

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