I’ve been blogging for a while now but I still consider myself very new at this and I’m constantly thinking of ways or things that I can post that will really add value. I’ve got over 300 people following my blog now and want to share something really useful. Don’t worry, I’m not selling anything here, I want to give you something for free.  Yes, really!

In the course of my work I’ve developed a model for managing almost any potential conflict situations and it is something that I share and teach in my training courses on conflict management and conflict resolution.  It’s called the P.O.L.I.T.E model which stands for Position, Observation, Listening, Intuition, Talking and Emotional state control. I thought those of you loyal to my blog clearly have interests in conflict management and conflict resolution so you would find this model of value. I have posted on this subject a couple of years ago but don’t worry, I’m not simply repeating what I’ve said before, I intend to demonstrate to you just how versatile, and therefore invaluable,  P.O.L.I.T.E.  really  is. You can use this model in so many different scenarios from personal safety situations to sitting down with a colleague to give them some challenging feedback. I’ll show you this over the course of the next few months and would really welcome your thoughts and feedback on it.

My friends think I’m crazy to give this stuff out for free when I’m not looking for any return,  but I want this blog to be more than me just talking about conflict management and conflict resolution.  I want this blog to be a resource for those that are interested in this area, those that need help and for it to act as a forum for discussion and debate. So for that reason, please let me know what you’re thinking with your comments. I will always try to acknowledge and reply the day you post your thoughts, but as you will appreciate sometimes that does not always happen. So advance apologies!

My first P.O.L.I.T.E post will be later this month so until then, thank you for reading my posts.