If you’ve never taken part in conflict management or physical intervention training before, then it can be difficult to know which course to choose.

Naturally, you want to find a course that meets your requirements and teaches you everything you want to know (plus more, if possible). But with so many different options out there to choose from, finding a course that ticks those boxes isn’t always easy…

…until now.


As industry-leading conflict management and physical intervention training specialists for more than 20 years, we know what you need to look out for so you get the best results from your training, starting with these pointers:

  1. Sector focus – is the training tailored towards the sector in which you work or does it cater for all industries? Selecting a course that’s more focused, as opposed to generic, means you’ll walk away with advice that’s relevant to your world and therefore much easier for you to go away and start applying within your workplace.
  1. Experience – how experienced are the trainers? It may seem like an obvious point, but it’s a really important one. The more experience your trainer has, particularly of your industry and training people from your sector, the more you’re likely to learn that’s of real value.
  1. Flexible approach – without doubt, the best conflict management and physical intervention training courses are those that can be adapted to meet your specific needs. Look for courses that can be tailored to your learning objectives, as well as your preferred method of learning.
  1. Pioneering mindset – how forward-thinking is the training provider? Are they incorporating up-to-the-minute techniques and delivery styles into their courses or do they seem to prefer more of a tried-and-tested approach? Ideally, your training needs to fall into the first category, if you want your training to be current and relevant to today’s world, that is.
  1. Standards – it’s not possible for your training to provide you with the best possible results unless it’s delivered to the highest standard. Is the course you’re considering nationally-accredited with industry-recognised bodies, such as The National Federation for Personal Safety, HighfieldSIA and BTEC? And are the trainers accredited with the likes of The Institute of Conflict Management?

If you’re looking for conflict management or physical intervention training that’ll provide you with the best possible results, make sure you take the time to do your research and consider the points above. Yes, it may take you a bit more time, but you’re guaranteed to get the best return on your investment.

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