You may have spotted that we like to refer to our conflict management and physical intervention training as being world-class.

But what does world-class look like? And how does our training differ to all of the other conflict management and physical intervention courses that are available out there?

First and foremost, we’re industry-leading, which means we don’t just follow the crowd, we set the scene for what the very best training within our sector should look like and where it should develop next. As world-class conflict management and physical intervention training specialists, we also:


Listen to our clients

Whether you want just a couple of hours’ training or take part in a three-day course, we take the time to listen to you. Once we’ve found out exactly what you’d like to achieve, then, and only then, do we go about advising you on the best training to meet your objectives.


Think outside of the box

Unlike other training providers, we aren’t restricted by formulaic approaches. That means if you come to us with specific training requirements, we won’t turn you away, instead we’ll draw upon our extensive experience and resources to provide you with training that’s tailored to your requirements.


Don’t leave you dangling

If you’ve contacted us, it’s most probably because you’d like to take part in some form of physical intervention and conflict management training and would like to get it all booked and sorted as soon as possible. That’s why we’ll always respond to you swiftly and make sure your experience is as streamlined as possible


Never rest on our laurels

We’re world-class training specialists and we want to stay that way! We audit our trainers, who are trained to the highest standards and levels around, to ensure that the exceptional standards we’re renowned for, never drop, and if you attend one of our courses and aren’t 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.


Independent and audited

As one of the UK’s only independent training providers, we’re not affiliated with a singular course provider and, as such, can offer a full range of courses from across the market. This means all the courses we teach are selected on merit, rather than any contractual obligations. Not only that, but our training is regularly audited by industry specialists to keep in line with best practice.


Like a laugh!

It’s important that you find our courses interesting and engaging. We achieve this by making them as enjoyable as possible, which helps enhance the learning process and makes it easier for you to learn about what we are teaching plus, makes it more memorable too.


So, that’s what we mean by world-class! Got any questions or want to find out more? Or perhaps you’d like to discuss your conflict resolution or physical intervention training requirements with us? You can contact us on 0845 576 0035 or