The transport industry, like most sectors, is no stranger to disruptive behaviour.

Week in, week out, passengers all over the world hit the headlines because they’ve been disruptive for one reason or another.

One of the latest stories to appear in the media spotlight, involves the case of Antony Grant and Carola Conti. During their flight from Kuala Lumpur to London, Carola is alleged to have threatened to open one of the plane’s doors in mid-air. It’s also claimed both her and her boyfriend swore at passengers, banged people’s chairs, spilt drinks and argued with Malaysian Airlines staff during the 13-hour journey.

Unfortunately for everyone on-board that Malaysian Airlines flight, they would have all been subject to the disruptive behaviour and all are likely to have been impacted to some degree.

Whether it’s air rage or road rage, it’s possible to manage and reduce this risk in the vast majority of circumstances, which we’re sure is what would have been the Malaysian Airline crew’s main priority during that recent flight.


We’ve been helping transport and travel companies effectively handle disruptive behaviour for more than two decades

From taxi, bus and coach, to rail and air transport staff, our conflict resolution training and associated courses cater for the entire transport sector.

Conflict resolution training provides transport workers with the insight and skills they need to a) effectively handle the safety hazard posed by disruptive behaviour and b) help protect their passengers.

The smallest of incidents can quickly flair up into serious scenarios, such as air rage, but with the right conflict resolution training behind them transport staff have the tools to effectively:

  • Communicate with members of the public
  • Manage challenging behaviour from people of all ages, including children
  • Defuse aggressive, violent and disruptive passenger behaviour
  • Apply physical intervention and restrain passengers as a last resort

Unfortunately, there’s no getting away from conflict; it can be trigged for all sorts of reasons in all sorts of circumstances. However, what can be guaranteed is how quickly and effectively it’s dealt with.

For more information or to discuss your conflict management training requirements, get in touch with our team.