Conflict management training is commonplace across a wide range of working environments and sectors.

We’ve been delivering it to customers, ranging from teachers and ambulance staff, to door workers and council employees for more than two decades.

But as much as the benefits of conflict management and physical intervention training are slowly becoming increasingly widespread, not everybody necessarily knows what it involves and who it’s aimed at.

So, here are 10 facts that are designed to educate you about, as well as inspire you, to get involved in conflict management training:

Fact 1: It’s not just for doormen

Most people associate conflict management training with big, burly doormen, who work the doors at pubs, clubs and bars. Yes, it’s relevant to door security staff, but it’s also used by huge number of employees in other working environments, such as teaching assistants, lone workers and bus drivers.

Fact 2: It’s relevant to a whole range of workers

You’d be surprised how many rob roles can benefit from conflict management advice. We deliver our training to pretty much everybody! Basically, if you’re at risk of experiencing aggressive or challenging behaviour at work, then you may well find it useful.

Fact 3: It’s not about being aggressive

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, conflict management training does involve the subject of tackling aggressive behaviour, but it teaches you how to handle and defuse it quickly and effectively and prevent situations from spiralling out of control.

Fact 4: It’s not just for men

Conflict management training is for everybody – men and women of all ages. If you believe you or your staff are at risk of encountering challenging behaviour in the workplace, then you could probably benefit from attending one of our training courses.

Fact 5: It caters for everybody

If you attend conflict management training that’s tailored, like ours, then your trainer will adapt the session to your specific requirements. That way, you’ll walk away having learnt skills that you start applying right away.

Fact 6: It can be fun!

Although the nature of our training is serious, we always strive to make sure our courses are as enjoyable for our customers as possible. We find that fun can really aid the learning process. Take a look at us in action.

Fact 7: It’s not ‘one size fits all’

Some trainers deliver ‘out of the box’ sessions, but not us. We take the time to understand your specific needs then:

  • Adapt our courses to incorporate your preferred delivery style and meet your requirements
  • Pair you with the right trainer (based on both your individual and group learning needs)

Fact 8: It makes you look at the bigger picture

Unlike other training providers, we approach the safety of staff from a holistic viewpoint. So, instead of looking at conflict resolution and physical intervention (when required) in isolation, our training encompasses the bigger picture, which includes looking at things from a legal perspective too.

Fact 9: It can help you with compliance

In certain working environments, such as councils and the NHS, conflict management training is a legal and regulatory requirement. In these circumstances, you may be required to create a risk strategy for workplace violence and brush up on your conflict management training on a regular basis.

Fact 10: It’s a lot like CPR

You never can tell when you’ll be called upon to calm down a conversation that’s become quickly heated or intervene between a scuffle that’s broken out between two pupils. It’s why we often compare conflict management training to CPR, because you hope you’ll never have to use, but it’s there, just in case you do…

For more information about conflict management training or to discuss your requirements with us, contact us on or 0845 576 0035.