When you’re researching something you’ve never done before or have very little knowledge of, it can be difficult to know if you’re choosing the right option or not.

The same can be said if you’re looking for somebody to provide you with physical intervention or conflict management training. How can you be sure that their training’s going to tick all of your boxes on the day? And how can you guarantee that their training’s going to be of the right quality and will leave you feeling empowered?

Unfortunately, you can’t completely guarantee these things, but there are some signs you can watch out for, including these three:


1. Professional accreditations

It may sound obvious, but how professional is your trainer? Are they accredited by the relevant bodies, such as the likes of The National Federation for Personal Safety, Highfield and The Institute of Conflict Management?

If they are, then it’s a clear indicator that their training’s going to be delivered to the right standard and in line with the latest industry regulations and incorporates the latest techniques.

They may have all of the experience in the world, but if they haven’t got these official credentials to back it up, then there’s no guaranteeing how up-to-date, pioneering or compliant their techniques are.


2. Tailored courses

If you work in a school then we’re guessing you’d like your physical intervention and conflict management training to relate to pupils and the school environment. Likewise, if you work in a hospital, then it’d be most useful if what you learn about can be applied to patients and focuses on some of the common challenges faced by hospital staff.

Good trainers will be able to provide you with some bits of tailored training here and there. However, a world-class trainer will be able to provide you with a course that’s totally bespoke to you, as standard.

Don’t be afraid to ask the question when you’re doing your research. It can make all the difference between you receiving generic training and training that meets your specific requirements and, more importantly, you can start applying the moment you get back to work.


3. Caring approach

How much attention has your trainer given to your needs? Have they taken the time to understand you and what you want to get out of your training? Or have they skipped ahead and told you what you need without listening to what you have to say?

World-class trainers take the time to find out about your objectives and the type of training methods that work best for you. Then, they tailor their training around your specific goals and pair you with the right trainer based on both your individual and group learning needs.

They also care about delivering the best possible outcomes for their clients and providing them with the best possible customer service, from start to finish.


We hope you’ve find these pointers useful and that they help you find a world-class physical intervention and conflict management trainer. In the meantime, if you have any queries, or would like to find out more about our industry-leading training, contact us on 0845 576 0035 or