Why should we choose you?’ is one of the questions we regularly get asked by people. And if they don’t ask it, then we know most of them are thinking it.

It’s a very good question and, because it’s one we hear so often, we thought we’d let you in on why so many people choose us, as well as recommend us to others and, more importantly, use us time and again.

Well, first and foremost, we’ve been providing conflict management and physical intervention training for more than 20 years.

During this time, we’ve worked with people from a wide range of sectors, such as education, NHS, transport and councils.

We’ve also delivered 10,000+ courses that we’ve received 98% positive feedback for, which we’re incredibly proud of.


Last, but by no means least, all of the training we deliver is of a world-class standard. Many of our courses are nationally-accredited with industry-recognised bodies, including The National Federation for Personal SafetyHighfieldSIA and BTEC, to name but a few.

And our trainers have all of the necessary accreditations to deliver our training in line with the latest industry guidelines and standards, including The Institute of Conflict Management. (Find out more about our approach).

There are numerous reasons why people choose us and we’re incredibly proud of the fact that they do. We’re at the forefront of our game and are passionate about leading the industry with our pioneering training and techniques.

Are you ready to choose us? For more information or to discuss your requirements with us, contact us on 0845 576 0035 or In the meantime, for more insight on our industry-leading training, check out our blog, ‘What World-Class Conflict Management and Physical Intervention Training Looks Like in Reality.’