Contrary to popular belief, conflict management and physical intervention training reaches far beyond the security industry.

It’s a fundamental discipline that can empower staff to remain safe, whether they work for the local council, a shop or call centre, or are a teacher, an NHS employee, or a taxi or train driver – the list is endless.

But while the team here at Good Sense Training and our clients may be more than familiar with what conflict management and physical intervention training entails, we appreciate that it’s a world that not everybody has explored yet.

However, taking the time to invest in conflict management and intervention training is a wise move, and here’s why:


 1. Compliance

Many workplaces these days, particularly within the public sector, are legally obliged to make sure they have the appropriate measures in place to deal with conflict.

As well as providing their teams with conflict management and personal safety training, particularly for front-line staff, most public sector organisations also have to create a risk strategy for workplace violence.

Conflict management and physical intervention training ticks both of these boxes and, if carried out regularly, helps staff ensure they stay on top of the latest regulation revisions and legal updates, with minimum hassle.

2. Peace of mind

In some environments, although disruption can be rare, there’s still a risk that something could occur, whether that’s in person or over the telephone.

Conflict resolution and physical intervention training provides staff with peace of mind that they know how to spot the warning signs and can respond accordingly should any form of conflict occur.

It’s essential that employees who do regularly come into contact with members of the public have the knowledge and confidence to communicate effectively and defuse challenging behaviour. This will help improve their personal safety, reduce risk and boost overall service levels.


3. Confidence

Most of us dislike conflict, which is why it’s understandable that some people are less confident dealing with it than others.

But with the right conflict resolution and physical intervention training behind them, there’s no reason why most people shouldn’t feel able to deal with disruptive behaviour.

Not only can the training be incredibly empowering, it can be tailored to people’s specific needs, so that the tools they’re provided with are 100 per cent right for their working environment.


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