At 16 I suffered a violent attack, the bruises healed but I was left with the feeling that I wished I could have done more to protect myself. With this in mind I began taking martial arts classes, not to harm others but to increase my self confidence and personal safety. I realised the philosophy of martial arts is just that, to protect yourself without causing grievous harm to others and to learn how to sense a volatile situation in order to prepare.

In 1996 I began delivering training CPR and first aid, many of my attendees were trainee doctors and nurse who began to ask what else I could offer them. I saw an opportunity for me to show them how they can diffuse conflict in their workplace using disengagement training. With this in mind I went looking for the best instructors so I could learn how to train in the best possible way. I have to admit this became a small obsession for me.

There are 2 million attacks in the UK every year, many of them in the workplace. You often hear of abusive patients and patrons, many of them under the influence of alcohol and drugs – do you know how to handle a volatile situation before it escalates? I do and I can show you how.

I now offer training to many professionals from a variety of front line workplaces such as

  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Betting Shops
  • Ambulance Crews
  • Fire Service
  • Councils
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Door Security
  • Care Homes
  • Transport

It is my belief that if you work in a front line job dealing with the general public you can benefit from being able to disengage a conflict and resolve it in a way that reduces the risk of violence. By using the techniques I have perfected you will be able to see a situation before it occurs by learning body language skills and use a variety of skills and techniques used by conflict resolution experts to make your workplace safer for you and your colleagues. So whether you are an A&E nurse or an assistant in a 24 hour supermarket you will find conflict resolution training applies to you.

I will be talking to you not only about how to use the techniques but also the legislation and legal compliance relevant to using conflict resolution so you know when, where and how to get results. It is important to remember that this training is NOT to harm anyone but it WILL give you the confidence to step up to challenging situations in work, rest or play that will stay with you. Have you heard the saying prevention is better than cure? Well this knowledge will give you the prevention of challenging, difficult and volatile situations.

We will get started in my next blog where I will be talking to you about how you can identify potential danger; I will teach you the warning signs that every conflict begins with that will trigger your responses.

I appreciate all feedback and if there is anything you would like specific knowledge on please feel free to comment or contact me directly. I will respond to every question asked.