At the end of last year, female boxer, Kerry Orton, hit the national headlines for using self-defence skills to fight off two thugs who tried to steal her handbag.

The 30-year-old from South Yorkshire gave one of her attackers a right hook and then elbowed and jabbed the second with her handbag. According to newspaper reports, Kerry felt empowered after the incident and admitted that the end result would have been totally different if she hadn’t learnt the skills to defend herself.

Although it’s not an experience that we want women to ever experience, Kerry’s story illustrates just how important it is that women of all ages know how to protect themselves should they ever find themselves in the same shoes as Kerry.

Just a month before Kerry’s incident, Jyoti Matoo, Editor in Chief of Voir magazine, was followed by a man as she walked home from Leeds City Centre. When she realised she was being followed, she turned around and faced the man, stopping him in his tracks.

It was only when she watched the CCTV footage of the incident afterwards, did Jyoti realise just how close her stalker had got to her. Jyoti’s frightening experience spurred her on to do something positive to empower the women of Leeds to defend themselves – and that’s where we come in…


We’ve joined forces with Jyoti and her team and Leeds PR agency, MacComms, to hold a free women’s self-defence workshop on Tuesday, March 6

Led by Darren Good, founder of GoodSense Training, Women Empowered is a comprehensive self-defence programme for women (click here to book your place).

Having studied self-defence systems since the age of 16, Darren is a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has 20+ years’ experience of coaching to drive behavioural change. He’s also a member of the Institute of Conflict Resolution and works closely with the National Federation for Personal Safety to maintain his evidence based on current legislation.


Women Empowered will be based on verbal, physical and psychological defence strategies that have been tested and proven over two decades

As well as sharing a range of strategies for women to defend themselves, Darren will also provide key insights into the way in which women are attacked in comparison to men. He’ll also be focusing on physical techniques that are specifically designed to deter and stop attacks.

For more information about the techniques and strategies that will be covered at the forthcoming session, which takes place from 5.30pm until 8pm, contact Darren Good on darren@good-sense.co.uk or 0845 576 0035. To book your place, visit the event page.