A belated Happy New Year to you all, 2009 was a great year for me and GoodSense Conflict Resolution Training. Overall we managed to win quite a lot of new clients and our business grew by more than 40% – so we were very happy with our performance but we always want to do better and continue spreading our message.

I have just returned from a long festive break in Australia, visiting family, and whilst I was out there I was regularly thinking about what 2010 should bring for GoodSense.

Firstly, I am going to be working on my own physical and personal development. I plan to spend at least an hour a day on my personal development as I am always keen to learn and better myself. The reason I am working on my own personal development is to work on the business rather than in it as I tend to do sometimes.

Secondly, I also plan to spend at least a couple of hours a day on developing the business as a whole including the marketing side of the business making it more focused.

As a team we all want to get fully up to speed with the latest accreditation process as there is a huge emphasis in 2010 to become properly accredited which is a good thing as it will improve the standards of training.

I am also going to be trying to get involved in much more physical skills training, so I can learn new skills to teach and pass on in our training sessions.

At GoodSense we are concentrating on getting all of the teacher training qualifications in place which means will either be learning PTLLS Preparing to teach in the Life Long Learning Sector, DTTLLS Diploma in Teaching in Life Long Learning or KTTLS. The reason for this is best explained below by the PTLLS website:

By 2010, anyone in receipt of government funding for teaching will require a PTLLS certificate. PTLLS stands for “Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector”. Essentially anyone who delivers learning to one or more individuals will be covered by this regulation, whether the teaching is delivered in a classroom or at business premises. It will cover full time teachers delivering lessons in a college and at the same time will cover trainers and assessors providing courses and underpinning knowledge for work and vocational qualifications. The intention with PTLLS is to have a “one size fits all” qualification which will give all qualified teachers a substantive qualification that allows them to pass the necessary threshold to teach.

These courses are all modular, so you get your certification in stages one step at a time. By September 2010 the Government want all teachers to have these qualifications and they are going to be policing it through properly.

A couple of our instructors who work for us already have a certificate of education, so they don’t have to do this, but for the rest of us it should be a good learning process and will bring some further consistency to the GoodSense brand.

Later on the year, we are also going to be doing our coaching awards including a BTEC level three advanced award in coaching. A number of us are also doing our Physical Restraint and Breakaway Instructors Course, so we can teach door supervisors – I covered this in a previous post in a little more depth.

We are going to be concentrating on building up our  NHS London Work as park of the NHS London Procurement Process using some pioneering marketing strategies. We are also hoping to do more work with fire departments, crews and local councils in 2010 as we really think we have the skills to help more of these types of teams.

Finally ,we want to strive to secure an ICM (Institute of Conflict Management) quality award, to show off our internal quality and operating standard procedures. To get an award of this level you have to demonstrate the overall quality of your business and I am sure that we can go and out and win ourselves one of these. To be honest, it’s all about consistency and having a clear, standard way of operating.

By this time next year we want to be one of the major players in the London procurement process and overall I would like us to have more Conflict Resolution Training in the London area than any other training provider. I am sure this is going to be a great year for GoodSense.